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Hard Drive Secure Destruction
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Hard drive and data destruction is essential when properly disposing of any electronic equipment reaching end-of-life for any client, commercial or residential. STSS Recycling provides a secure hard drive destruction program that is guaranteed to be in full compliance with any and all industry standards.

We provide hard drive destruction tracking and certificates of destructions for any of our clients looking to dispose of their electronic equipment. With our secure and confidential services, we will ensure that your data is fully wiped before procedding with the proper destruction and recycling. Protect your companies' private data by using a reputable electronic recycling company like STSS Recycling who will take all necessary steps to properly dispose of your hard drives.

We are also prepared for large volume wiping with multiple in-house servers, Network Addressed Servers (NAS), and Storage Addressed Servers (SAN) with multiple interfaces to wipe up to sixteen drives concurrently. We are equipped to receive and wipe multiple interfaces with these units including IDE, SCSI, and SAS as well as SATA.

We follow the NIST Special Publication 800-88 Rev.1 guidelines for media sanitization.

We feel very confident that our Data Destruction procedure and implementation are both secure and effective.

In addition to this, STSS Recycling also provides additional hard drives services whether it be harvesting, testing, or even recertifying, all services that exceed industry standards. Whatever your need with hard drives may be, STSS Recycling is fully equipped and prepared to help you in a timely, efficent, and professional manner.