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Electronic Waste Recycling
Green Fade

STSS Recycling is dedicated to providing secure and efficent means of downstream disposal for any kind of end-of-life electronic equipment. As industry leaders, we work dilgently to ensure all our equipment is disposed off in the most eco-friendly method possible.

Our services cover every piece of electronic equipment from surplus set-top boxes to discarded cell phones. We are well-versed in each and every component and peripheral of electronic equipment with practices and policies in place for whatever our clients need disposed.

STSS Recycling takes every percaution necessary to ensure our recycling efforts pose no threat of any kind to the enviornment. Our team is fully versed in the devestating and long-lasting enviornmental effects lead, beryllium, arsenic, mercury, antimony, cadmium, and more can have, all elements that are found within circuit boards, batteries, and more. When you chose STSS Recycling, you are doing your part to ensure these toxic materials have no part in damaging the enviorment in any way.

Don't pollute the enviornment more by having your electronic waste end up in a damaging landfill - reach out to STSS Recycling today to ensure you are doing your part to be fully green with the disposal of your electronic equipment.

We Recycle The Following:
Green Fade


       Hard Drive

  Set-Top Boxes



       Networking Devices


       Power Supplies